sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012


I don't feel really able to argue.
I don't feel like thinking.
But my head keeps into clocking.
Worthing and working.
and I don't really know
what the hell I'm bloody reflecting.

I don't feel like sleeping.
I don't feel like awakin'.
I don't feel like being anywhere.
but vacuum.
Body keeps on swag
I'm getting so sieckened.

Somewhere there is wrong.
not fisically, I know
but my soul...
I don't feel like free
and I wanna be hitted
wanna get knocked
into my heart, because I don't really know if I AM REALLY FEELING SOMETHING.

I'm looking at the white wall
and walking through the streets
creeping and creeping
thinking just because I can't stop thinkinhg.

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